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Friday, 13 November 2009

Convention Photos

Well the Christmas Market went well last night - handed out LOADS of catalogues - tried to make sure that everyone had one. Even gave the Headmaster a catalogue to give to his wife!

Time to share some piccies taken at convention. Tried to do this yesterday but my computer decided it was time to update itself and shut everything down.


Back Row (left to right): Kirsteen, Dawn, Annie, Louise
Front Row (left to right): Theresa, Lynne, ME, Emma.

Dawn and me in our glad rags. The beautiful thistle brooch was a roomie gift from Dawn and was PURPLE - my favourite colour.

This Emma and me with our Ness bags - check out www.nessbypost - and I LOVE my Ness shoes too. Just wait till next year's convention when there will be far more tartan (hopefully).

This was our table at Convention - next door to us was Shelli and her husband so we were on our best behaviour, except when it came to the awards when we all cheered madly for Dawn who was up and down to the stage well politely like a yoyo. Huge Congratulations to Dawn for all she has acheived and especially the all expenses paid trip to Monaco next June. (Maybe I can squeeze into her suitcase.

These are all the Scottish demos that were at Conventio. we just had to jump on stage and have our picture taken with Shelli. She did comment how small we were!

Convention was such fun and it is a shame that it is over. I am still buzzing with excitment and plans.

If you would like to join in the fun, contact me and find out the benefits of becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.

Happy Stampin'



  1. Looks like you had a fab time in Frankfurt Elaine...x

  2. I loved the tarton shoes and emma's tights!!

  3. Hey, guess what I managed to pick up in the charity shop last week? A an absolute mint condition Ness bag for £1.50!!!!!! I gave it to Mum and she is over the moon!

    Um, Elaine, the photograph with the Scottish demonstrators up on stage with Shelli... do you have the original high quality pic of that you could email me? It's a fabulous photo! L x